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Petervale Farm's new website
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Petervale farm has been in existence for nearly 30 years in which many changes have taken place, the farm has been in the Roux family for 4 generations.
A decade ago Petervale was running as a conventional apple and pear farm, but decided to venture into organic farming as it seemed a more realistic way forward for the future.

Petervale is set on 89ha in the Ceres Valley South Africa.
The farm itself is extremely fertile, and can support many different types of crops, therefore the farm itself has a huge potential to diversify in the future. After having converted to organic farming methods 13 years ago the farm has down scaled its pear and apple orchards and focused more on producing organic apple juice which we sell locally in the Western Cape. Besides apples we also have an almond orchard, quite a few pear trees, a large vegetable and soft fruit garden, a dairy herd and three donkies. We also have 5 beehives, as well as chickens,geese,ducks and a pot belly pig.
The layout of the farm consists of a large pine forest set next to the mountain, there are 2 large dams filled with mountain runoff water which supply all our water for irrigation, and a natural spring which supplies all our household and drinking water, the rest is mainly grazing fields and fruit orchards.Part of our farm is left to grow naturally, therefore we have an abundance of wildlife and birds, which include small buck, birds of prey including fish eagles, and although very rare to see, Leopards, which live in the mountain.

Directions to Petervale Farm:

-Come through Michells pass into Ceres.
-At 2nd robot (R303) -Turn Left.
-Drive 6.9kms, sign on the left -Cascade Afd pad. -Turn left.
( If you reach Hamlet you have gone to far. )
-Drive 2.2kms, (just before tar road ends) sign on the left- Petervale.

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